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Polly Boxwood



Bird (parrot)


Ronald Boxwood (owner), Nelson Boxwood (adopted brother), Alice Boxwood (owner's sister), Mr. Boxwood (owner's father), Mrs. Boxwood (owner's mother)

Chronological information
First Appeared (cartoon)

the parrot who talks

Polly is Ronald's pet parrot. Ronald always wants Polly to outdue Martha in speaking, but Polly only says a few words. Ronald is sometimes a bit mouthy to Polly and Martha used to be annoyed by her, but Martha and Polly are friends now.

Quotes Edit

  • Why do shoes have to be so stiff?
  • Good dog
  • Great dog
  • Bob is a wonderful dog.
  • Good parrot.
  • Oh, brother.
  • Help!
  • Who is it?
  • Seed stick
  • Answer in this.
  • It's Helen and Martha.
  • Mends?
  • Don't go away.
  • Get rid of those dogs.
  • Git em 
  • go do jit