Alice Kathy Boxwood




Portrayed By

Christina Crivici (season 1 to 3)
Michelle Creber (season 4)
Ashlyn Drummond (season 5)


Newt Boxwood (father)
Phyllis Boxwood (mother)
Ronald Boxwood (brother)
Peter Boxwood (Twin Brother)
Chester "Chet" Boxwood (brother)
Nelson Boxwood (pet)
Polly Boxwood (pet)

Chronological information
First Appeared (cartoon)

Martha Speaks/Martha Gives Advice

Alice Boxwood is Helen's best female friend and Peter's Twin Sister. She's fun and energetic, and although she's a really good athlete, she's also something of a klutz. She approaches life with enormous enthusiasm, and she nurses the desire to be a ballet dancer. She is a main character in the TV Show, Martha Speaks.

Personality and Skills

Alice is complete klutz. She (formerly secretly) wants to be a ballet dancer (in addition to liking watching ballet), and she has started taking lessons. She also likes to do sports like ice hockey and is very energetic.

She is quite perky and cheerful but sometimes she can be stubborn or moody, especially when she is mad at someone (often at Ronald).


  • Her favourite flavour of ice cream is "Double Banana-Rama Fudge" and likes steak.


Alice usually wears a green/blue striped shirt, long olive green shorts, and orange shoes (one shoe is occasionally seen untied). Her hair is blonde, and she has round glasses.

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